11 May

Two Texans Taste Jamaica

In Jamaica we take eating seriously. Most islands are simply too small or overdeveloped to sustain local agriculture and must rely on imported foods. In Jamaica eating ‘local’ and eating well, is a point of pride.

29 Apr

Jamaica's Blue Mountains with Intrepid Victorian Traveler & Botanic Artist Marianne North as Mentor

“There was a small valley at the back of the house which was a marvel of loveliness, bananas, daturas, and great Caladium esculentum bordering the stream, with the Ipomoea bona nox, passion-flower, and Tacsonia thunbergii over all the trees, giant fern-fronds as high as myself, and quantities of smaller ferns with young pink and copper-coloured leaves, as well as the gold and silver varieties.”

10 Apr

Walking at Good Hope

A walk at Good Hope Estate is the most glorious way to begin a day in Jamaica. Not just good for the soul, it is the best way to digest a 2000 acre country landscape lost in time.

06 Apr

6 Hours in Falmouth - “Cruise Ship A Come!”

Thursday, February 17, 2011, the first Cruise Ship, Voyager of the Seas, sailed into the brand spanking new Falmouth Cruise Ship Terminal built collaboratively by Royal Caribbean and the Port Authority of Jamaica.

About the author

Lynda Lee Burks has lived in Jamaica most of her adult life. She supports her passion for living by the sea, by organizing tours of Jamaica, producing events – dub poets to destination weddings, and as artist and teacher.  

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